Podiatry is a branch of medicine dedicated to the lower limb.

Owing to the change in practice brought about by the COVID-19 Pandemic a standard appointment is now charged at £50. A New Patient appointment is now charged at £60.

What is Podiatry?

Podiatry is a branch of medicine dedicated to the lower limb. Conditions treated by podiatrists are not always acute, but often of a long standing nature.

Some conditions in the case of children are part of their growth. Conditions treated involve the joints and bones, soft tissues, nerves and vessels, or a combination of these.

Why see a Podiatrist?

Podiatrists are specialists in treating the lower limb and therefore are well placed to address specific concerns, offer advice and plan a treatment programme. Treatment programmes may include insoles, stretching programmes, orthotics, foot wear advice, nail care, or referral to a surgeon or another specialist when appropriate. Any podiatrist should be able to provide the most up to date advice and treatments. As professionals they are well placed to liaise with other health professionals when needed.

When should I see one?

Any foot pain or problem should ideally be seen as soon as possible. As with most medical conditions, treatment is usually more effective the sooner it is started: less accumulated damage usually contributes to a better outcome.

When choosing to see a Podiatrist it is wise to ensure that they are registered with the Health and Care Professions Council.


A procedure where either a portion or the whole toenail is permanently removed, this can be because the toenail has become painful as a result of damage, involution or an ingrown toenail. Sometimes they can become infected.

At Tidy Feet, we offer both surgery & aftercare to ensure you have the best possible experience.

Nail Surgery Packages from £480

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Verrucae needling is recognised internationally as a highly successful treatment that does not leave scar tissue. The administration of anaesthetic makes this procedure pain free as well as efficient. The treatment forms part of a package, including follow up appointments.

Verrucae Treatment Packages from £180

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We can provide insole therapy where appropriate and indicated by an in depth consultation and assessment are made prior to prescription. Both custom made and over the counter devices are available: custom made devices are made locally by a orthotosist in Northamptonshire and over the counter devices are supplied by the established French company Sidas.
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Foot care services are dependent on the individual needs of the patient. We view our care as changing to meet the needs of our patients and act to continually assess and review, either as short term issues are resolved or long-standing health changes. We refer patients to other services, consult with GP’s, and liaise with Podiatry and Orthopaedic surgeons as required.
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Gait analysis is a process to observe and understand the pattern of moving. It often involves understanding injury and/or disease processes, is also closely linked to assessment prior to insole prescription and in some cases leads to a referral to a surgeon.
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The clinic is a proud local provider of the Lunula laser system used to effectively treat fungal nail infections.
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For softer skin and achy joint relief. Tidy feet are pleased to offer this 25-minute treatment.

What is it?

Warm wax therapy is a wonderful treatment which improves skin dryness and helps relieve achy joints. It’s total relaxation.

What Does The Treatment Include?

  • Initially, a specialised moisturising foot oil is massaged into the skin.
  • Single-use warm wax is gently painted on to the skin.
  • The feet are wrapped in warm booties for 10 minutes.
  • After 10 minutes the wax is gently removed and a further application of oil is massaged into the skin.

What Is The Outcome?

Your skin will feel silky soft and achy joints relieved and relaxed.  For even better results combine a warm wax therapy treatment with your regular routine Podiatry appointment. Get that walking on air feeling today.

How Much Does It Cost?

£45 or £35 when added on to a regular Podiatry appointment.

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The perfect treatment for people with damaged & unsightly toenails. If you are self-conscious about the look of your toenails, look no further!

What is it?

This is a Podiatry procedure to build a new toenail when the original one has been damaged; or to conceal thickened, ridged, cracked, split and partially missing toenails. It can be a one-off treatment for a special occasion such as a wedding, party or holiday or a repeated procedure throughout the year.

What Does The Treatment Include?

  • An initial assessment is carried out to ensure your toenails and medical history are suitable for the procedure and the procedure will be fully explained.
  • If you do decide to proceed, the toenail plate(s) will then be reduced to prepare for toenail reconstruction (an anti-fungal treatment will be applied if a fungal infection is present).
  • This initial assessment can be done at the same time as your regular Podiatry appointment, or a separate appointment can be booked.
  • 1 week later, a toenail reconstruction appointment will be booked.
  • In this appointment, Wilde-Pedique resin will be skilfully moulded onto your toenails in individual thin layers and shaped.
  • Each layer is then cured & hardened with UVA light.
  • Socks and shoes can be worn immediately when you leave the clinic so there’s no need for flip flops or sandals.

What Is The Outcome?

The reconstructed toenail(s) will look just like a natural toenail, and can either be left natural or painted by the patient with ordinary nail varnish.

To ensure the underlying toenail is kept in the best possible condition, at 6-8 weeks following toenail reconstruction the patient must agree to return to the clinic to have the toenail reconstruction professionally and painlessly removed by a Podiatrist.

How Much Does It Cost?

Assessment fee £50. The Assessment appointment needs to be carried out at least one week before the toe nail reconstruction appointment

Toenail Reconstruction Procedure (2 or fewer toenails) – £60

Toenail Reconstruction Procedure (3 or more toenails) – £100

Removal fee – £20

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